Board of Directors

Board Members

Bruce Dodd (Ex-Officio)
C. B. Owen
Cathy Fontenot
Huey Perry, PhD
Marianne Fisher-Giorlando, PhD
Gary Young
Gayle Mcgee (Ex-Officio)
Jason Kent
Judge Hal Ware
Michael D. Wynne
Nadine Tanner
Rep. Patricia Smith
Ronnie Jett
Sheryl M. Ranatza
Stephanie Lamartiniere
Stephanie Perrault
Warden Darrel Vannoy

Advisory Board Members

Anne Shoemake
Betty Phelps
David Burton
David Norwood
E. Cole Thornton
Landry Bonnette
Leroy Harvey
Mayor Billy D’Aquilla
Rachel Hall
Richard Stalder
Robert Vehock
Sheriff Austin Daniel
Sue Turner


Warden Darrell Vannoy


















Sheryl M. Ranatza
President, La State Penitentiary Museum Foundation

After a career that spanned over 30 years, Mrs. Ranatza retired from the Department of Corrections in 2011. She served in a variety of management positions throughout the Department, with her last position being that of Deputy Secretary.

While serving as Deputy Warden at Angola, and when the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum was merely a “notion”, Mrs. Ranatza worked on behalf of Warden Cain with local officials to obtain the facility where the museum is currently located. She was instrumental in establishing the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum Foundation, a non-profit corporation, which was created to further efforts to establish a comprehensive interpretive program of the history of Louisiana State Penitentiary and all aspects of the correctional system in Louisiana.