Angola Inmates Give The Gift of Mobility, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

Contact: Cathy Fontenot
(225) 655-2783

Two Hundred Wheel Chairs to Ship to Cuba

Even though Louisiana State Penitentiary has been engaged in the “2011 Epic Flood Fight” with the mighty Mississippi River the moral rehabilitation programs, which Warden Burl Cain has been instrumental in the development of and are attributed to the successful change in the culture of what was once the country’s bloodiest prison, have continued. This is a great testament to both staff and offender.

On June 10, 2011 large container trucks will arrive at Angola to pick up two hundred (200) wheel chairs. These gifts of mobility will begin their long journey to Cuba.

Angola is one of 17 correctional facilities, across the country, who have partnered with Joni and Friends’ “Wheels for the World” project. Through Wheels for the World, over 34,000 wheelchairs have been collected, refurbished by offenders, and donated to developing nations. Physical therapists fit each chair to a needy disabled child or adult.

Once an offender reaches the point of actual moral rehabilitation they tend to want to give back to society. “Wheels for the World” is one of many programs, at Angola, that allow offenders that opportunity and show them that they too can give back.

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